becoming a runner .. it is happening !!

I am six weeks into marathon training and although I feel there is so much more about running that I have yet to experience and learn, I am at least getting comfortable in the routine of running. It all began when I went to get my gear at Jack Rabbit .. so yes I had all the essentials but what was I to do with it all. My first run was only 2 miles but at that point it seemed like 100 miles! There have been a bunch of mishaps along the way like not setting up the garmin to track my run to forgetting my running sneakers, however I am pretty much in a running routine now and got it down. Hence, that feeling of becoming a runner 🙂

Part of that feeling is also the fact that my routine has taken to icing and salt soaks. All the runs have slowly done some wear on my left foot and on some days it has not been pretty with major swelling. But that is how I view training for the marathon as a whole, it is not easy .. it is super tough .. but the feeling of accomplishment that I am already getting and I’m not even halfway thru training is what makes it all so worth it. To think of how far I have come as a runner in such a short period of time amazes me, I thought I would for sure get bored once the miles starting picking up, however last week’s 10 mile run I found myself running alone in Saratoga. Successfully completing that run solo has definitely boosted my confidence that I can do 26.2 miles and run the marathon come November. This is getting real 🙂

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Special thanks to Aaron and Ben ❤