26.2 miles?!? .. one training run at a time

It’s almost one month ago that I decided to run the TCS NYC Marathon this year. An event that is so daunting for anyone even avid runners. So what was I thinking? I have never run a day in my life! I dabbled in one race  – the midnight run in Central Park a few years ago, but that was to celebrate the New Year, as I ran with my sister and friends (Kristin and Dan) – and the result was a super sore body for weeks. So let’s just say running was not on the top of my to-do list! However, even with that in mind I signed up with the team at my yoga studio. (GO team Pure Runners!) I am so excited to be running with such a great group and look forward to the experience along our training journeys. We are running as part of Fred’s team to raise money for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research.

Last week was the official start of my 18 week training program, as I am following Hal Higdon Novice 1. To be honest, it was not as bad as I had hyped it up to be. Looking at the schedule, the longer runs are always on Saturday and the smaller ones during the week. This week culminated with a 6 mile run, which is by far the longest run I have ever done. The two weeks prior I slowly began preparing, running 2-4 mile runs. As the training continues each week the mileage will begin to increase, so I will spare you all the – this is my longest run ever! – comment every week, well until November 1st when I cross that finish line because I do not foresee myself ever running more than 26.2 miles at a time.

I will continue to update you on my progress, the ups and the downs and everything and anything that has to do with me doing this run. Follow me on twitter and instagram for daily updates on my runs.  I look forward to sharing it all with each and every one of you!

Getting my running gear in preparation for training

Getting my running gear in preparation for training

As mentioned above, my team is running to raise money for cancer research. Please visit my official Fred’s Team page to read a little more about the cause and why I am running, as well as consider to donate and support my run.

Big thanks to Katie & Gregg, Vicki, Jen and Donny! ❤


yoga got me thru and out of unemployment

It was a little over  year ago when I fell victim to unemployment. I was determined not to get depressed that I had no job or get lazy by having all this extra time in the day, so I turned to yoga. It was kind of nice being able to go to all those morning classes that I wasn’t able to attend due to work. On the other hand I had a feeling of guilt, as if I were cheating on my regularly scheduled yoga classes. So…I found myself going to class 2-3 times a day. Yoga was slowly becoming my life.

I continued to look for a job. However, all these thoughts kept running thru my head. Do I really want to be an interior designer? After all it is what I majored in at college, so isn’t it what I should be doing. BUT, do I really want to go back to the corporate world? That was a definite NO, my last job left me with such bitterness, it was the first time ever where work was work. I felt like I was punching in the hours. They took my passion for design away from me, but thru it all I found my true passion – yoga. It was then that I told myself, ‘yoga will become my life’.

I finally took the advice of my best friend, and went thru with yoga teacher training. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life. Yoga gives me an overwhelming sense of joy, and to be able to share it with others is bliss. I just love the endless possibilities of yoga, there is always more to learn, which in turn – more for me to teach. YOGA is now my LIFE! 🙂