doing it again …

Running the 2015 NYC Marathon was definitely an experience like no other. There was something so fascinating of going through each borough and seeing the city in such a different and unique perspective. For once there was no traffic holding me up or slowing me down, only myself and that notorious wall everyone talks about hitting. It was smooth sailing until around mile 19/20, then it got tough, but there was no way I was quitting. I was more than halfway to the finish line, but more importantly I kept reminding myself of the reason I was running the marathon to begin with — for FRED’S TEAM — for all of those affected by or with cancer, for all (including my own father and aunt) that have lost their lives to cancer! And that is why I have signed up to do it all over again.

Last year, my team Pure Runners raised a little over $30,000 and this year we plan to exceed that. Please consider donating to my run in support of cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research.

Thank you all so much for your support !