‘pick your yoga practice’ book review

One of the things I love the most about yoga is that there is always more to learn, whether it is in my asana practice or in the more philosophical sense with the sutras and history of yoga. I have to admit that I do pay a lot more attention to my asana practice, than my general knowledge of the sutras and such. I always tell myself that I will re-read them as well as other yoga must reads when I have time, but time is so precious and reading has never been my favorite pastime. Alas, I came across Meagan McCrary’s book – ‘Pick Your Yoga Practice’, and I was hooked in. It is everything you need to know about yoga all in one book. The first few chapters explain yoga, its history and philosophical foundations, then it delves into the myriad of styles of yoga. My personal practice as well as teachings is in the style of Ashtanga and Vinyasa. I have taken and tried other styles of yoga but never could quite grasp what it was all about. It was great to know the background and meanings of the other styles more in depth than a brief class description at the studios. I highly recommend this book for yogis to get a better understanding of yoga, and for non-yogis to find a newfound interest. Maybe I am a little biased with my obvious love for yoga but I truly believe that there is a yogi in all of us, and this book might just unveil it.

check out more about the author at http://www.meaganmccrary.com


‘misadventures of a garden state yogi’ book review

Reading books has never been on the top of my to-do list. Let’s just say Cliffs Notes were a good friend to me in school. So basically, it is rare for a book to attract my attention, even then to hold it and to read it in its entirety. ‘Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi’ has achieved both. It is about the yoga journey of Brian Leaf; how he first found yoga and from there discovered its healing powers. Even though, my own journey with yoga is somewhat less exciting as his, it made me reminisce to when I first started yoga. I only wish that mine had involved a cross-country road trip. How exciting it must of been to explore the country and yoga! I felt like I was on this adventure with Brian. I was fully invested in where the next leg of his yogic journey brought him. This is a great read for the yogi or non-yogi. Yogis can find some way to relate and incorporate their own journey in this novel, and non-yogis..well there is a yogi in everyone, maybe this will release it in you! …and with the holidays approaching this would make the perfect gift 🙂

more about brian and the book — http://www.misadventures-of-a-yogi.com/

check out the trailer on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcYFYjnU9Cw

my yoga essential…

Whether I am teaching a class or practicing, there are a few musts that I just need to have alongside my mat – a towel, block and the all important water bottle. I’m a creature of habit. The towel goes at the top of the mat, the block and bottle on the top left-hand side. The good thing is towels and blocks are provided for me at the studio, however water bottles are not. Instead of getting mad at myself on those days that I forget my bottle at home, I choose to reward myself and buy a new one. So yes, my collection of water bottles is extensive, which allows me the opportunity to try all these different kinds of bottles out. They all have their positive and negatives. The one bottle at the top of my list is the Bamboo Bottle Company (www.bamboobottleco.com). The overall look of the bottle stands out from the rest, with its simple bamboo outer shell design that insulates the glass bottle. The designer in me loves the assembly and design of it all. I love the simplicity of it. It is very easy to care for, unlike some other bottles where you have straws or mouthpieces to deal with. It is a little on the heavy side when it is filled but I look at it as another way to build muscles. Water is an essential part of life, and reusable water bottles are very beneficial for the environment – so if you are in need of or on the hunt for a new bottle, here is one to take into consideration.

I recently took my yoga to Flushing Meadows Park for a video shoot and was sure to have my Bamboo Bottle handy! Check out my video on YouTube — http://youtu.be/q19-BZPBwyo.