beautique … c’est magnifique !!

Usually I am a total planner and like everything to be scheduled but at times I also love being spontaneous and to just live in the moment. I have to admit that those spur of the moment outings tend to result in some amazing times. My last minute dinner at Beautique restaurant last week did not let me down at all.

I am a creature of habit — my ‘going out’ routine consists of the all important choosing an outfit and doing recon on where I’m going – check out the website, look at the pics and do a scan of the menu – doing so makes my night out complete. So I did a quick visit to the restaurant’s website prior to heading there, and I must say the pictures are very nice but seeing the space in person is so much better. The interior designer in me loves going to new spaces for inspiration. Beautique is one of the most luxurious spaces I have seen in awhile, each design element ties into and complements the other allowing for a lovely dining experience. And if being in such a beautiful space isn’t enough, the food is so delicious. Each plate was like a piece of artwork – elegantly setup and prepared, and let me say it again it was so delicious. The service was superb as well, they were very attentive and helpful in choosing a dessert (they all looked great!!)


Just in case you want to know, here’s what we had at the table — for drinks the Maison Martini and Beautique Bellini, for appetizers the Matchstick Salad and Rocky Nook Oysters, for dinner the Branzino and Halibut (which was the special for the night), and for dessert the Mango Panna Cotta.

After dinner we sat at the bar for a final after dinner cocktail, and midway thru Roberto the manager was kind enough to come over and see how our night was going. He then offered us a tour of the restaurant, which gave me the opportunity to get a better look at the intricate design. However my favorite part of the night was the last stop of the tour where we ended up in the back lounge and enjoyed a couple more cocktails before we had to head home … yoga was calling bright and early the next morning!

This info will come in handy for making your reservations …

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