about michele

Born and raised in Queens, NY, Michele naturally became accustomed to the fast-paced lifestyle of the city. Yoga has become a great escape for her, both on and off the mat.

Michele attended Syracuse University, where she studied Environmental Design and Interiors. After graduation, she returned home to begin her career as an interior designer. She worked at various design firms in NYC, specializing in hospitality and residential design. Yoga helped to relieve the stressors from the job, as well as the fast-paced New York lifestyle., Michele’s relationship with yoga quickly grew and she became ready to deepen her practice and learn everything there was to know. She completed the 200-hour intensive teacher training program at YogaWorks in Soho, NY. Upon completion, she began apprenticing with Sherman Morris. She has continued her trainings at Pure Yoga – completing a 100-hr Ashtanga Teacher Training with Scott Harig and a Pre-Natal Teacher Training with Mary Barnes, as well as an Ashtanga Primary Series training with David Swenson at Miami Life Center.

Michele views yoga to be a puzzle; each style is a ‘piece’ that contributes and comes together making a well-rounded practice. Her practice is strong, yet fun and playful; drawing from the styles of Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Having a design background, Michele has a keen eye for detail and has a creative mind. She uses her eye for detail to find the fullest expression and beauty in each asana. Her creativity comes into play with innovative transitions between each asana. She is thankful for all the great teachers that have guided her. She believes that yoga makes what may seem to be the impossible merely just a challenge. Michele looks forward to share her knowledge and passion of yoga with you!


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