more than halfway there …

Training has gone by so fast. Can’t believe there’s only 8 weeks left before Marathon Sunday! I am more than halfway there, in regards to training as well as in miles – a couple of weeks ago I ran my first half marathon run. Since then the miles have and will just increase, last week was 15 miles and this upcoming long run will be a sweet 16 miles.

13.1 mile route around queens

13.1 mile route around queens

To be honest, I had my doubts that I would be able to withstand the long distances. I credit yoga to giving me the mental strength to be able to fight thru whatever is going on in the body and mind during my runs, allowing me to complete the planned distances. I also just keep reminding myself of the reasons why I am running the marathon – in remembrance of my father and aunt who were taken way too soon from cancer, as well as everyone else I know that have been affected by the disease. I am so grateful to have the support of my team – Pure Runners – to keep pushing me and supporting me throughout the training so far.

I have a feeling that the next 8 weeks of training are going to be the toughest yet. My body, mostly my legs are starting to feel the buildup of all the runs and are forever sore. I am mindful not to push it too hard, as my goal for the marathon is not finishing in any particular time, but to just finish strong and feel good throughout the whole race. I want to enjoy running through the streets of New York City, the city I grew up in and the city I love so much.

Please take a moment to visit my official Fred’s Team page and consider donating in support of my run as well as for lifesaving cancer research led by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Every dollar makes a difference in the fight against cancer!

Thank you so much for your generous donations – Kathy, Pat, Linda, David, Adam, Jillkerry ❤


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